Cambridge Student smiling outside, wearing a graduation cap and gown
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It’s Great to be Known as a School That
Goes The Extra Mile!

Before Cambridge, I had just graduated high school.  Here , I gained self-confidence. Everyday was a great day: the students and staff here are awesome!

Jacqueline Anguiano

After working minimum wage, I finally have my dream job! I’m a Medical Assistant at Sutter North Medical Foundation. Never give up on your dreams!

Alexa Key

I chose Cambridge because of the short-term course and some of my good coworkers recommended the college. I learned medical terminology, anatomy, and requirements needed to get my foot in the door in the medical field. My advice to the new students is to study very hard and do not get discouraged. Believe in yourself and ask for help! The staff, teachers and classmates are very helpful.

Irene Alvarez

I chose Cambridge because my sister went here and she said that it is a good school. She also said that you get a lot of one-on-one time, everyone is easy to get along with and that the staff is great. My life has improved a lot since I enrolled here. I learned a lot, more than I learned my whole time at Yuba College. It’s small and easy to catch up with the class, and everyone helps each other. The staff here inspired me to be a good/hard worker.

Chou Moua

Cambridge was a perfect school for me because of the location and quick course. I wanted a change in my life — I did not want to keep waking up at 3 am for work. Since attending Cambridge, my life has improved a lot. I am more confident in myself and I learned many things.

Ana Ochoa

I feel like I am at home. I always wanted to go into the medical field and there is no better place than Cambridge Junior College.

Doronica Jackson

Cambridge changed my life. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and it shows how much they care by the effort and time they put into each of us!

Christine Robertson
Christine Robertson

I love how the teachers are helpful with everything. They make sure you make it to your goal. Love all the new friends I have made while attending here.

Becca Stidham

I would recommend Cambridge to anyone that wants to get a job fast and learn a great career. I graduated August 2013 and got a job October 2013. I love my new job, I’m good at it, and am making good money supporting my family! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t attended Cambridge!

Jackie Jackson
Jackie Jackson

I LOVE it. The staff is great and have been very understanding and have been amazing to me. Thank you Cambridge for being GREAT.

April Anderson
April Anderson